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Maintain Safe Natural Gas Meter Access

Posted on Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Help us preserve safe and easy meter access by practicing routine meter maintenance this summer.

CFU owns and services the gas meter at your home. However, your help is needed to maintain piping and your portion of the gas setup.

As part of regular upkeep, CFU employees paint the utility’s portion of gas meter setups. 

The customer portion of the piping (the outlet piping coming out of the meter into the house) should be monitored and cared for by property owners. 

Maintain gas piping exposed to outdoor elements by using a wire brush to clean and paint with an exterior house paint. The color of paint is not a concern. 

When landscaping around your home this summer, do not bury any portion of your gas meter setup. The gas meter should be off of the ground and the gas meter shutoff must be accessible at all times. 

Most meter setups have a red line on the riser (gas piping coming out of the ground) that clearly marks the point that must be above ground.

We also ask for your cooperation in trimming back bushes, flowers and plants for meter reader and service access.

Meter readers need access each month and quick access in an emergency can be critical for your safety.

There should be a minimum of two feet around the meter setup for regulator access. 

Thank you for your assistance. If you have any questions, please call the Gas Utility at 319-268-5340.

Gas setup and meter identification

There are multiple types of gas meters and every gas meter setup is unique. Customers should identify key portions of their gas setups and maintain meter access for continued safe and reliable service.

  • Customer outlet piping is painted to help prevent corrosion. 
  • Shutoff valve is easily accessible in case of emergency. 
  • Meter is above ground level and nothing blocks access to the meter.
  • Red line is clearly marked on riser. Dirt or landscaping material should NEVER be built up above this line. 

incorrect meter maintenance with rustCFU has painted the meter and input piping. The output piping has not been painted by the customer, and the pipe has corroded. 

incorrect meter maintenance with meter burriedThe meter is sitting too close to the ground and the shutoff valve is partially buried making it difficult to access in an emergency.

incorrect meter maintenance with landscaping blocking meterCustomer landscaping has grown into the meter and blocks access for repairs and meter reading. 

incorrect meter maintenance with air conditioner blocking meterCustomer air conditioner was installed directly in front of the meter making the meter difficult to read.