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Watch CFU TV Networks Outside and On The Go

Posted on Thursday, May 25, 2017

This summer, take CFU TV with you outside and on the go. On your deck, working in the garage or at the beach, you can watch most networks in your TV plan with one TV Everywhere password and an internet connection. Here is how it works:

A single watchTVeverywhere viewing password from FiberNet TV unlocks all of the mobile apps and websites offered for channels in your TV plan. You don’t need a separate password for every app - one password works for all! After the first time you login to an app or website it typically remembers you, so you seldom have to login again.

Register for a password at cfu.net/wtve. You’ll need your CFU account number and an email address to register. Family members can get their own passwords, you don’t have to share. Up to four passwords may be registered per account.

HD Equipment is required. Web and mobile viewing is included with your TV plan at no extra charge if you have HD reception equipment, such as a DVR, receiver, EZ HD tuner or cable card. If your service does not include any of these items, please call 319-268-5283 to add TV Everywhere streaming to your FiberNet TV plan.

Your web and mobile access will include only the channels that are part of your TV plan. If you get a channel on TV at home, your watchTVeverywhere password will give you access to any online and mobile content available from that channel.

Download networks mobile apps. Go to your device’s app store and search by channel name for the app you want. (For example, go to Google Play for Android; Apple Store for iOS; Windows store for Windows devices; Amazon for Fire tablets & Fire TV.)

Not sure whether you’re already registered? Call our Help Desk at 319-268-5221. They can check and see whether anyone is registered on your account, and help you reset your password if you can’t remember it.

Want more information? Visit cfu.net/wtve for more details and see what network apps are available on your device