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Utility Outage? Call, Click or Tap to Get Help in a Hurry

Posted on Saturday, May 28, 2016

At CFU, we’re working to keep your utility and broadband services connected 24 hours a day. Even so, your service can be interrupted at times by lightning, wind, falling trees and other hazards.

Here’s the information you need to get help in a hurry if a service emergency happens.

Power Outage

If you lose electric service, please report the outage to CFU, even if you think a neighbor has already called.

Report your outage by phone at 268-6999, OR online at cfu.net, OR through the CFU2GO app. We’ll respond any time of day or night.

Let us know if you see downed power lines, and do not touch them or drive over them.

Please do not try to report an outage with a Tweet or Facebook post. CFU does not monitor these services 24/7. Moreover, it’s unsafe to post your address on Facebook or Twitter, and we can’t respond to your outage without knowing your location.

Internet, TV or Phone Outage

If one of your FiberNet services is out, call our Help Desk at 268-5221 until 9 p.m. daily. After Help Desk hours, call our 24-hour outage number at 268-6999.

The quickest way to report a power, TV or internet outage is the CFU2GO mobile app. The app is free for Android and iPhone.

Download CFU2GO from your app store. Then register your electric and fiber services within the app, so that it’s ready to use if an outage occurs. Learn more at cfu.net/app.