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Save Time and Money When You Move

Posted on Saturday, May 28, 2016

If you’re moving this summer, contact CFU in advance for a smooth transition to your new address.

Please let us know two business days before your move out date, so we can take final readings on water, gas and electric meters.

Be sure to return any rented DVRs or set top boxes if you’re moving out of town, to avoid being billed for non-returned equipment. Do not remove or return the optical network terminal (ONT). This device (pictured below) may be inside or outside your home, and it stays with the property.

If your move is within Cedar Falls, let us know the date to start services at your new address.

We can usually activate your internet service remotely, so you’ll be connected the day you move in. Allow two to five business days for TV service installation at your new address, or ask us about DIY TV hook-up to get service right away.


Indoor (left) and outdoor ONTs are CFU property. Do not disconnect or return them when you move out.