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All CFU Customers Receive Speed Upgrade

Posted on Thursday, June 25, 2020

all CFU internet customers saw speed increases in 2020

This year CFU FiberNet customers saw speed upgrades on all internet service tiers for no additional cost. 

In addition to updating the top internet tier to 10 gigabit, CFU’s standard home and business internet speed is now 250 megabits per second. 

As technology advances, our all-fiber network allows us to turn up the speed for most of our customers at no additional cost while continuing to deliver reliable service.

2020 Internet Speeds

FiberHome 250x250 megabits per second
FiberHome Plus 1x1 gigabits per second
FiberHome Quantum 10x10 gigabits per second

Learn more about our internet service tiers here.

CFU internet speed testCFU Speed Test

Time it takes to download a 4 GB file (large movie file)

100 megabits per second 5 minutes
250 megabits per second 2 minutes
1 gigabit per second 32 seconds
10 gigabits per second 3 seconds