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Now Apply for Energy Rebates Online

Posted on Tuesday, June 25, 2019

CFU Online Energy Rebate ApplicationAn online rebate application is now available for customers who make energy-efficient equipment upgrades and building improvements.

Our new energy rebate application process allows customers the quick and convenient option of applying online. You will use your account number and premise ID found on your CFU bill to complete the application. Proof of purchase and other required documents are uploaded directly online.

The application is also accessible on smart phones and tablets. Required documents can be uploaded by snapping a photo without leaving the application.

The online rebate application process should only take a few minutes. You will be sent a confirmation email upon completion. Make sure you complete all required fields and upload all necessary documentation to avoid delays. Allow for two to eight weeks for your application’s review and funding of approved rebates.

For information about available residential rebates visit cfu.net/rebates.

Learn more about how to apply online here.

How to Find Your Account Number and Premise ID

Your account number and premise ID can be found on your CFU bill. If you are subscribed to paperless billing, you can find this information on your online utility account. Once you are you logged in to your utility account, navigate to your billing history and access the last 25 months of previous bills. Your account number and premise ID will be available on all of your PDF bill files.

CFU Account Number and Premise ID on utility bill

Pictured is a copy of a CFU bill. The account number is located in the red square. The premise ID is located in the blue circle.