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Quarter of a Century Employee Celebration

Posted on Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Twenty-nine CFU employees have been with the company 25 years or more

Honored Employees: First Row: Wayne Naber, Stacy Weber, John Lentsch, Shawn Praska, John Giesler, Terri Roberts, Sheri Ubben, Dan Minikus Middle Row: Jody Connor, Randy Bergmann, Dennis Anderson, Darci Miller, Ken Kagy, Steve Balthazor, Don Williams Back Row: John Wersinger, Jeff Card, Jim Weeg, Mark Meier, Troy Creery, Pete Olson, Steve MacTaggart, Chuck Grooms, Don Bolin Not Pictured: Joe Bruns, Tom Graves, Jerald Lukensmeyer, Craig Schwickerath, Amy Shatek

CFU recently celebrated employees who had 25 plus years of service. The tenure of these employees range from 25 to 46 years of service and totals to 925 cumulative years!

We are thankful to our employees who have chosen to dedicate their time and talents to our customers for so many years.