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CFU Named Best Gaming Internet Service Provider

Posted on Monday, December 28, 2020

CFU Named Best Gaming Internet Service Provider in the U.S.

Earlier this year, PC Mag named Cedar Falls Utilities the fastest internet service provider in the country, beating out large providers across the U.S. 

Now, our community-owned broadband network has earned another accolade from PC Mag – Best Gaming ISP for 2021

PC Mag does not use a speed index to compare internet service providers for the Best Gaming ISP award. Instead, they measure the quality of the connection. To do that they test the latency and jitter on the network. 

Latency measures the time it takes data to get to its destination and back. On a low latency network, when a gamer hits a button it registers with minimal lag. Jitter checks the consistency of the latency. When they compared the latency and jitter on networks across the country, CFU’s network came out on top. 

Those tech terms mean we have a high-quality network that moves your data without delay, all of the time. Our network in Cedar Falls has fast connections to the core of the internet at major hub sites across the Midwest.

Gamers are not the only ones who need this type of network. Low latency also helps improve the quality of voice and video calls – Zoom anyone? 

Everyone in Cedar Falls gaming, learning and working from home this year has benefited from CFU’s fast, stable and well-connected network.