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Attention Movie Lovers! New Networks in Variety Choice

Posted on Tuesday, December 27, 2016

If you like movies, check out two new networks in the CFU Variety Choice TV tier.

CFU will add RetroPlex and IndiePlex to the Variety lineup in January. They are commercial free movie networks. The new channels join movie networks IFC, FX Movies and Sundance in Variety Choice.

As their names suggest, RetroPlex focuses
on older movies from the 1980s and earlier, while IndiePlex is dedicated to independent films.

As a Variety Choice subscriber, you can also stream RetroPlex and IndiePlex on your computer, phone or tablet through the Starz App with a TV Everywhere password.

Variety Choice can be added to Basic Plus TV for $7.00 per month. Or, sign up for two Choice TV packages for only $8.95 per month. Call a CFU TV specialist at 268-5283 for more information about Choice TV.

Please note: Some customers with older-style set-top boxes will be unable to receive RetroPlex and IndiePlex when they are added to the lineup.

A free equipment change will allow you to view all networks. Call 268-5283 if you are a Variety customer and cannot tune to RetroPlex and IndiePlex after they are available in the on-screen program guide.