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Sign Up Now for FiberNet Phone

Posted on Wednesday, December 23, 2015

CFU will provide telephone service for businesses and homes in 2016. Enroll by January 31, and you’ll be first in line when installations start in the spring. It will take several months to fill all the orders, so sign up soon to get service at the earliest date.

“Many customers have asked us to provide telephone service,” said Jim Krieg, CFU General Manager. “With our investment in fiber to the home, we have the network in place to provide a low cost and highly reliable product."

FiberNet phone uses the same network as your CFU broadband or TV service. We’ll switch your existing phone jacks to CFU service.

You can keep your current phone number when you switch to CFU service, or we’ll issue a new number if you prefer. If you have a landline now,  the phone you’re using will work with FiberNet Phone. You’ll be listed in the phone book unless you request an unpublished number.
A variety of calling features will be available on FiberNet Phone, including caller ID, voice mail and more. We’ll go over the options when we call to confirm your order and schedule your installation.

Sign up today as a charter subscriber at cfu.net/phone or call 268-5280 to speak to customer service.

For a list of service plans and calling features, visit cfu.net/phone.