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CFU Customers Win Energy Award

Posted on Wednesday, December 23, 2015

CFU customers Norman and Ann Bryan recently earned the Customer Recognition Award from the Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities.

The annual award recognizes five customers across Iowa who have completed significant energy efficiency or renewable energy projects.

The Bryans have completed many energy upgrades to their home in Cedar Falls. First, they asked CFU to conduct a House Calls home energy audit to identify areas where savings were possible.
Following the audit, they added insulation, purchased a high-efficiency washing machine and water heater and installed a smart thermostat, all in partnership with CFU’s cost-sharing rebates and special programs. Finally, they went the extra step of adding 6.3 kW of solar panels to their roof in two phases.

“The Bryans are a perfect example of energy upgrades done in the right order. First, they completed the most cost-effective efficiency upgrades that would benefit their home, such as adding insulation and replacing equipment. When they felt like they wanted to go further, they added rooftop solar panels,” said Pete Olson, Energy Services Manager.

“We have been interested in clean energy for a long time,” said Norman Bryan. “When we decided to add solar panels, we were excited and pleased that CFU would help us realize our dream of producing clean energy.”

“We are also very proud that CFU is creating a solar garden so that the community can get involved in renewable energy,” continued Norman.

CFU residential and business customers are eligible for a variety of energy assessments and rebates. For more information, visit cfu.net/save-energy or call 266-1761.