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Chicago Sports Network Update

Posted on Monday, January 27, 2020

Marquee Sports Network to be added to CFU TV channel lineupStarting this spring, most Chicago Cubs games will be on the Marquee Network. CFU is currently negotiating to add the Marquee Network to the CFU Basic Plus lineup.

Cubs games will no longer be on NBC Sports Chicago, CFU channel 31/HD431, and NBC Sports Chicago Plus, CFU channel 86/HD486. These networks will be removed from the CFU TV lineup after January 31.

NBC Sports Chicago will be replaced with the Marquee Network later this spring. We understand that some customers may be disappointed in the decision to discontinue carriage of NBC Sports Chicago. CFU rarely drops channels. In this case, we believe it is a necessary step to keep cable service affordable.

Even without the Cubs, the owner of NBC Sports Chicago demands a large monthly fee to continue carriage. They also refuse to allow CFU to place the networks on a sports tier for customers who want the network. As a customer, you pay the network fees through your cable bill. The offers we received from NBC Sports Chicago would have required CFU to raise cable rates to continue to carry the network.

As a community-owned cable system, we work to meet the wide range of customers’ viewing preferences and deliver the best value for your dollar.