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Get the Best Picture: Watch the Right Channels

Posted on Friday, January 26, 2018

To get the best picture quality, make sure you are watching the right channels! CFU offers three types of TV signals to our customers. We carry three sets of channels so customers can match the type of signal to every TV and get the best possible picture.

HDTV with Set-top box, DVR or EZHD

For the best possible picture, watch in HD! High definition channels offer you the sharpest picture and digital sound quality.

Tune to channels listed in the HD DVR/HD Box (high definition) column when watching your HDTV that is connected to an HD set-top box or DVR. These channels are in the 400s. If you rent an EZ HD tuner, use the corresponding EZ HD channel numbers.

The HD channels are free
when you have the box or tuner. You’ll also see the HD channels and the SD channels in your on-screen interactive program guide. Hit GUIDE on your remote to access the program guide.

HDTV with no equipment

Tune to the channels listed in the Digital/QAM column when watching your HDTV that is not connected to a set-top box, DVR
or EZ HD tuner.

Your HDTV (flat screen TV) was not made to display analog signals! When our service techs are in customer homes, they often find that customers are viewing analog channels on large HDTVs. Analog channels will look grainy on a HDTV.

A digital signal will offer a much clearer picture. Use your TV’s channel scan feature to detect and save the digital (QAM) channels and delete the analog channels. CFU provides digital channels as a courtesy to customers, no equipment necessary. You can
connect your TV to any active cable outlet.

Analog TV

Tune to the channels listed in the Analog column of our channel guide when watching an analog TV (an older style) without a set-top box or tuner.

We’ve retained these channels so customers can easily use any TV, old or new. That means if you have an older style TV, you don’t have to rent additional equipment to view all of your favorite channels.

Still have questions about which channels are right for your TV? You can speak to our TV & internet specialists at 268-5283.