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New Programming on KFXA Networks

Posted on Friday, January 27, 2017

CFU TV customers will notice new programming on two channels by the end of February. The station owner has decided to change the networks carried on the KFXA subchannels.

KFXA 28.2 (channel 106) will switch from GRIT to Charge TV. Charge TV will feature a collection of action packed films and shows like James Bond and Rocky.

KFXA 28.3 (channel 112) will switch from Zuus Country to TBD TV. TBD features a variety of genres, including culinary, action, fitness and music programming.

We regret that KFXA has decided to make this change, and have let them know we believe it will disappoint customers to lose GRIT. Please be aware that CFU has no control or influence over the programming decisions made by broadcast channels (i.e. channels you can get over the air with an antenna). We are required to carry these channels on our cable system, and the station owner decides what programming to broadcast over the air.