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Simple Solar Project Takes Shape

Posted on Wednesday, January 27, 2016

It is not quite spring yet in Iowa, but the sun is shining on Simple Solar, Cedar Falls’ first community solar project. 

Construction is well underway at the solar array site near Prairie Lakes Park off of Viking Road. In January and February, contractors are installing 6,500 solar panels and the racking system to support the panels. Next, wiring and electrical connections will be completed. 

Construction at the site is expected to be finished this spring, and the solar panels are scheduled to be operational in the first half of the year. The clean energy from the solar panels will be used in the community.

Customers have the opportunity to purchase units in the project. Total capacity of the array will be 1.5 MW. It will be the biggest community solar project in the state. 

More than 1,200 residents and businesses have signed up to be a part of Simple Solar. Customers who purchase units will receive a bill credit based upon the output from the panels for twenty years.

Customers who signed up for units have received an enrollment agreement by mail. Utility bill credits will begin when the array is producing energy. If you would like to purchase Simple Solar units, contact Energy Services at 319-266-1761 or energyservices@cfu.net.