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Equipment Added to Maintain Reliable Electric Service

Posted on Wednesday, November 25, 2020

In November, an additional transformer was placed at the Union Road electric substation to support growth on the west side of Cedar Falls as well as to maintain reliable electric service for the community. 

A transformer reduces high voltage electricity and converts it into a voltage usable by Cedar Falls homes and businesses. The new transformer will serve as a backup to the existing transformer that is 45 years old. 

"This new transformer will serve as a backup in case our current one fails. It is also slightly larger so it will be able to handle any load growth that we have in the western part of Cedar Falls," says Adam Peterson, Electrical Substation & Metering Manager at CFU. 

In anticipation of a growing community, CFU plans in advance to ensure we have the necessary infrastructure.

"From the time you order a transformer until the time it gets here is about a year. There's a lot of engineering and design involved," says Adam. "CFU does a good job of maintaining equipment and planning ahead to get the infrastructure in place so that when we need it, it's there."