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CFU Board Approves 2020 Utility Rates

Posted on Monday, November 25, 2019

In November, the CFU Board of Trustees set utility rates for 2020. The combined water, electricity and natural gas bill for Cedar Falls households will rise less than $3 per month on average next year.

Cedar Falls residents will see modest adjustments to electric, natural gas, water and TV rates. Prices for residential and business internet service plans will stay the same in 2020.

An average household’s natural gas bill will go up by $.50 and its water bill by $1.64 per month next year.

The Gas and Water Utilities must modify rates to keep pace with operating costs and pay for system improvements in connection with city street replacement projects. By replacing gas and water mains as streets are rebuilt we avoid the need to dig up new streets to replace mains in the future.

An electric base rate increase of 1.7% will keep pace with a small rise in operating costs. The average residential customer will see an increase of $.83 per month.

Prices will not change for business and residential internet and phone customers next year. We will upgrade internet speeds on most service plans as we begin to offer speeds up to 10 gigabits per second citywide.

CFU TV customers will see an increase of $3 or $7 per month, depending upon their service plan. TV rates must be adjusted to keep pace with the increase in fees CFU pays to network owners.

Cedar Falls rates are still among the lowest in Iowa. In 2019, a typical Cedar Falls household saved $933 on the combined price of electric, gas, water, TV and internet services, compared with the average cost in 20 peer communities in Iowa. That adds up to $12.6 million in annual community utility and broadband cost savings.

For a schedule of all 2020 rates and fees, please call CFU at 268-5280 or visit cfu.net/terms.