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General Manager Retires After 15 Years of Service

Posted on Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Jim Krieg will say farewell in December after 15 years as the CFU General Manager.

During Jim’s time as General Manager, CFU has completed many service upgrades and improvements. Large investments include expanding the electric generation portfolio, moving significant portions of the electric and fiber systems underground and rebuilding the communications network to a fiber optic to the home system. He also led the organization through the 2008 flood and oversaw the construction of the floodwall surrounding CFU’s property.

"When I started at CFU, the board asked me to focus on providing excellent service, value and reliability," said Jim. "Today, our customers tell us that employees are attentive to providing outstanding customer service. CFU’s rates compare favorably to peer communities across Iowa.
And we’ve upgraded a lot of our infrastructure while actively
paying down debt and increasing cash reserves."

"We are able to accomplish these things because of the dedication and commitment of the employees at CFU," continued Jim. "When President Obama visited in 2015,
I was proud that our employees were recognized for their innovative work. And we are all fortunate to have outstanding community support."

Jim is confident he’s leaving CFU in good hands. Steve Bernard, who currently serves as the Director of Customer Service and Business Development, will assume the General Manager duties January 1.

"Our Board made a good selection in Steve Bernard. He is a dedicated employee and has all the characteristics you look for in a leader."

"In his role as General Manager, Jim has imbued a level of excellence throughout the operation that has been led by example. The results of his excellent leadership are evident in the high level of customer service, excellent value realized by the community, and through the top-notch employee team that he’s assembled," said MaraBeth Soneson, Cedar Falls Utilities Board Chair.

"Under Jim’s leadership, significant long-term projects have been undertaken in addition to maintaining optimal daily performance through the four utilities. We wish Jim well in retirement, and extend our gratitude as representatives of the Cedar Falls community for a job well done!"