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Announcing FiberNet Speed Increases in January

Posted on Tuesday, November 29, 2016

CFU will upgrade the speeds on our FiberNet service plans in January. The capacity of our all-fiber gigabit network allows us to turn up the speed at no cost for customers while continuing to deliver reliable and economical service.

Internet speeds are a combination of download (the first number listed) and upload data transfers (the second number.) The download speed is the pace at which data is transferred to your computer. Upload speed is the speed at which your data is uploaded to the internet.

Each CFU service plan will have substantially faster download AND upload speeds. Our most popular residential service plan, FiberHome, will double from 50/25 mbps to 100/50 mbps.

2017 residential internet speeds
2017 business internet speeds

You’ll especially notice better performance if you have multiple devices connected to your network that stream video. Turn to page 2 for information about choosing the right router to maximize internet speeds throughout your home.

Changes to CFU’s service plans make 2017 a great time to upgrade to gigabit internet. You can now connect to world-class internet service for $105 per month if you are also a CFU TV subscriber.