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Protecting Your Information Is Important to CFU

Posted on Tuesday, November 24, 2015

When you share your personal information with CFU, it is confidential. Protecting your privacy and security is a priority.

When you supply your phone number or email address to us, we promise not to rent, sell or exchange that information. We will only use it to contact you when utility business requires us to do so.  
We also take our responsibility to protect other personal information seriously. Here are some steps we take to protect you:

At the Office
If you stop at CFU’s customer service desk to make an account update, we may ask you to show your ID to verify that you are the account holder or an authorized user on the account. Please do not be offended if one of our staff members asks to see your ID; we are asking for your protection.

Over the Phone
Depending on the task, our customer service or cable and internet help desk staff may verify your identity before supplying account information or making changes. They will verify your identity by asking you the last four digits of your social security number. If you do not have a social security number on file, you may be asked to visit the customer service office to verify your identity with an ID before we can complete your request.

If you have not provided your social security number to CFU, you have the option to add it to your account to make future account changes more convenient. To add a socialsecurity number, you must visit CFU’s customer service office. We’ll verify your identity with an ID and add your social security number to your account record.