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New Year's Day Update on AMC Networks

Posted on Tuesday, December 29, 2015


AMC Fans Take Note

CFU’s contract for carriage of AMC Networks expires at the end of this year. It’s our intention to get the lowest price possible when we renew this contract, because fees CFU pays to networks come out of our customers’ pockets. In fact, about 73% of the price customers pay for our most popular TV plan goes to pay carriage fees to broadcast stations and cable networks. 

Contract renewal talks started last summer. The National Cable Television Coop (NCTC) represents CFU and hundreds of other independent cable operators in this negotiation. As a group, NCTC members serve about four million AMC subscribers.

In order to get the lowest possible price, we may continue renewal talks beyond the December 31 expiration date. If that happens, it’s possible that AMC could temporarily black out these channels to see if we’ll cave in and accept the outrageous terms they’re currently proposing. We intend to hold out for a better deal for you.

If a black out happens, it will affect the following networks:

AMC – Channel 42/HD442
WE – Channel 55/HD455
BBC America – Channel 142
IFC – Channel 145
BBC World News – Channel 153

If you are a Walking Dead fan, be aware that the last new episode of 2015 aired November 29, and the series will not return until February 14, 2016.

In the coming weeks you may see a barrage of scary advertising from AMC that claims CFU is going to lose their channels. They will urge you to send protests to your cable company. This is a common AMC negotiating tactic.

We ask for your patience as we hold firm to get the best deal possible to continue carriage of the AMC Networks. Learn more about our efforts to renew these channels and get updates at tvonmyside.com.