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Have CFU Safely Remove Equipment Before Home Projects

Posted on Monday, July 27, 2020

Have CFU Safely Remove Equipment Before a House Project

If your plans include installing new siding or other upgrades to your house this year, contacting CFU beforehand can save you both time and money. 

The fiber optic cable and the optical network terminal (ONT) that provide your communication services as well as your electric, gas and/or water equipment may need to be moved during home projects. To have these items safely removed before a home project, we ask that you contact us at least three days in advance to schedule an appointment.

Our techs will come out and safely remove all CFU hardware so you or your contractor can complete your project. 

It is very important to have your hardware removed by a trained CFU technician. If the electric meter is not removed correctly, the energized part of the socket can create a fire. Similarly, removing gas equipment incorrectly can be very dangerous. Additionally, broken or damaged equipment will result in a fee for labor, materials and equipment.

Once your project is complete, CFU technicians will also reattach equipment.

Most equipment can be temporarily removed free of charge. If your project requires the relocation of a gas meter, cost for time, material and equipment will be necessary.

Call customer service at 319-268-5280 at least three days in advance to schedule an appointment.