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CFU Teams Up with Cedar Falls Schools to Connect Students

Posted on Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Technology is transforming the way students in our community learn. Today, every Cedar Falls junior high and high school student is issued a Chromebook to access digital course materials and communicate with teachers and classmates.

If a student does not have internet service at home, it can be difficult to gather information outside of school hours and complete homework assignments. The "homework gap" refers to the disadvantage a student has if they do not have internet access at home. The homework gap disproportionately affects low-income families.

Cedar Falls Community Schools and Cedar Falls Utilities have partnered to make home internet access more affordable for families who don’t havehome internet.

The goal of the program is to provide affordable internet access to students eligible for the free and reduced lunch program.

Through our research, we’ve learned that approximately 100 families in our community that do not currently have internet access are eligible for discounted internet service through connect>CF.

CFU has developed an internet service that can be accessed only by a school issued Chromebook. The 15 mbps connect>CF service will cost $20 per month.

Cedar Falls High School students involved with the Center for Advanced Professional Studies are leading efforts to further offset the cost for participants. They are currently fundraising with the goal of reducing the actual cost to $5 per month for eligible families.

Community members interested in donating can contact the Cedar Falls Schools Foundation or donate online at: www.cfschools.org/foundation/donate.

Families interested in signing up for connect>CF should contact their school’s counseling office.