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Rate Savings Add Up for Cedar Falls Residents

Posted on Friday, March 25, 2016

We’re proud to report that CFU is once again the lowest cost utility provider among 20 peer communities in Iowa.

During our recent rate survey, the combined bill for electricity, water, natural gas, TV and internet services averaged $248 per month for a Cedar Falls household. The average cost for a customer with identical usage in our peer communities was $301 per month.

That means that an average Cedar Falls resident with all five utility services saves $635 per year. And, community rate savings totaled $7.8 million from December 2014 to November 2015.

CFU has consistently offered favorable rates, maintaining the lowest combined cost for residents
in each semi-annual comparison since 2003.

Lower rates do not mean that we’ve deferred necessary maintenance. Our local Board of Trustees is focused on delivering value today and budgeting for timely investments that help prepare our community for the future.


If you’ve filled up your vehicle’s fuel tank this year, you’ve probably noticed the relatively low price of gasoline. Utility energy costs are following the same trend. CFU is paying less for the electricity and natural gas we supply to customers, which means lower utility bills.

In our recent rate survey, Cedar Falls’ average residential gas bill was $20 less per month than a year ago, and $30 less than ten years ago. The average electric bill has also fallen almost $10 per month over last year.

As we move into the summer, cooling costs will be affected by two main factors, temperatures and the market price of energy. While we can’t predict the weather, we anticipate continued
low energy costs.