Home Energy Saving Tips

July 26, 2023

High temperatures and humidity are forecasted in Iowa over the next week. Hot summer weather typically increases demand for electricity as residents work to stay cool.

During times of high demand Cedar Falls Utilities produces electricity locally at the Streeter Station power plant natural gas fired units and community solar array. In addition CFU owns shares of large power plants in western Iowa. CFU also supplements owned generation with purchases from the regional energy market. Market prices are extremely high this week due to increased demand across the country.

Using less energy can help all residents save money on utility bills. Follow these energy efficiency tips to reduce your energy demand on hot summer days:

  • Turn your thermostats up 3 to 5 degrees and use fans.
  • Close blinds and drapes during the day to block out the sun.
  • Turn off any unnecessary electrical devices.
  • Use heat-generating appliances like ovens dishwashers and clothes dryers early in the morning or late in the evening when temperatures are cooler.