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Hydrant Flushing This Week

Posted on Friday, June 7, 2019

Hydrant flushing is one form of preventive maintenance the Water Utility uses to protect water quality. On a rotating schedule, hydrants across the city are opened and allowed to run for several minutes. Flushing maintains better water quality by removing built-up minerals in water mains.

CFU crews will begin flushing hydrants in zone 7 beginning next week, Monday, June 10. See map for zone locations.

When hydrants are flushed in a neighborhood, water to area homes may be temporarily discolored and can stain laundry. We recommend residents avoid doing laundry when hydrants are being flushed nearby.

If clothes are washed in discolored water, keep them wet and call CFU at 319-268-5332 to get a special cleaning agent at no charge.  


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