Cold Weather Energy Tips

January 11, 2024

CFU is prepared for the frigid winter weather forecasted this weekend. During extreme cold, many furnaces run continuously to keep your home temperature at your normal setting which will increase natural gas use. Follow the tips below to help keep your home warm and save energy this winter.

Save Energy This Winter

  • Use a programmable thermostat to turn the temperature down when you are away from home or asleep. CFU offers a 100% cost-share rebate, up to $100, for smart WiFi enabled thermostats that can do this automatically. (Learn more at
  • Let the sun work for you. Keep curtains and blinds open on sunny winter days, especially on the south side of your home. Closed curtains can also double as insulators at night.
  • Check window latches, secure all doors and turn off ventilation fans after use.
  • Consider the cost or necessity before using gas fireplaces or garage or bonus space heaters. Reminder: electric space heaters are always the most expensive and risky way to heat a home.

Interested in high energy cost alerts?

If you would like to receive text alerts when extreme weather or market fluctuations cause high energy costs, Text “Enroll” to 833-266-8488 to sign up for updates from CFU.