CFU Business Phone Features

Features Included with Local Talk Plus Business and Total Talk Business

Caller ID
Displays the incoming caller's name and/or phone number.

To enable this feature you must have a telephone capable of displaying Caller ID information.
Voice Mail
If you don't answer, the caller hears a recording that prompts her to leave a message.

Retrieve the messages by pressing *86.
Call Forwarding
Send calls to another number while you are away, and back to your home phone when you return.
Selective Call Rejection
Reject incoming calls from a list of up to 13 numbers.

When a call comes in from one of these numbers, the caller hears a message that says the party they're calling is not accepting calls at this time.
Reject Anonymous Calls
Some callers block their identity, so your caller ID displays "private" or "anonymous" when they call. This feature enables you to reject unidentified calls.

Callers with blocked identity hear a message that says you do not accept anonymous calls, and they should unblock their line and call again in order to reach you.
Speed Call 8
This convenience feature lets you assign two-digit codes for up to eight frequently-called numbers.

To place a call to a speed number, just press the two-digit code on your phone keypad.
Call Waiting
If a second call comes in while you're on the phone, you'll hear a tone to let you know that a call is waiting.

You can switch over to the second call while keeping the first call on hold.
Call Waiting ID
If a second call comes in while you're on the phone, your phone's display will show the identity of the second caller.

You can switch over to the second call while keeping the first call on hold.
Three Way Calling
Add a third party to a call.

You can either talk privately with the third party or use the conference feature so that all parties on the call can converse with each other.
Continuous Redial
If you get a busy signal when you place a call, this feature will continuously redial the busy number every 60 seconds for half an hour.

A distinctive ring will alert you when the call goes through. If the call can't be connected within 30 minutes this feature will time out.
Last Call Return
This feature allows you to hear the number of the last incoming call, regardless of whether the call was answered.

Press 1 to place a call to that number. If the redialed number is busy, Continuous Redial will be activated.
Dual Ring
Set up a business phone number to ring two different phones, which can include a mobile phone.
Circular Hunt
Incoming calls will ring a successive list of phone numbers until answered.



CFU Business Phone Charges and Fees

Standard Monthly Charges Total Talk Local Talk
Monthly Service Plan (Base Rate)
Federal Excise Tax 3%
State Tax 6%
Local Tax 1%
E911 Per Line
Federal Universal Service Fee Cost Recovery (varies quarterly)*
Estimated Total Monthly Charges

A Rural Network Fee of $5/month will be added for phone service outside the Cedar Falls city limits if the business does not have FiberNet data (internet) service.

*In addition, CFU must include the Federal Universal Service Charge on business phone bills that include long distance. This government mandated program is designed to help keep local telephone service rates affordable for all customers, in all areas of the United States. The fund also provides schools, libraries, low-income customers and rural health care providers with assistance in obtaining telecommunications services. The contribution factor changes quarterly based on the needs of the federal universal service fund. The current universal service contribution factor is 34.4%.