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Staff Directory

How to e-mail staff members at CFU

CFU staff members' e-mail addresses are formatted as firstname.lastname@cfunet.net. For example Jane Doe would be Jane.Doe followed by @cfunet.net.


Name Title Phone
Steve Bernard General Manager 319-266-1761

Customer Services and Business Development

Name Title Phone
Mike Litterer Director 319-268-5206
Molly Cormaney Customer Service Manager 319-268-5243
Mollie Strouse Marketing Manager 319-268-5360
Matt Hein Energy Services Manager 319-268-5427
Kent Halder Communications Sales Manager 319-268-5226

Finance and Organizational Services

Name Title Phone
Wynette Froehner Director 319-268-5209
Steve MacTaggart General Purchasing & Facilities Manager 319-268-5210
Bob Frickson Inventory Purchasing & Warehouse Manager 319-268-5213

Electric, Gas & Water Operations

Name Title Phone
Bill Skubal Director 319-268-5384
John Osterhaus Electric Construction Services Manager 319-268-5298
Jerald Lukensmeyer Gas & Water Operations Manager 319-268-5330
Tom Risse Power Plant Manager 319-268-5292
Adam Peterson Substation & Metering Manager 319-268-5371

Communications Services Operations

Name Title Phone
Charles Dostale Director 319-268-5231
Paul Krukow Communications Services Manager 319-268-5229
Mark Meier Information Systems Manager 319-268-5246

Employee and Legal Services

Name Title Phone
Susan Abernathy Director 319-268-5204
Audra Heineman Human Resources Manager 319-268-5352