Meet Our Meter Reader Team

In order for CFU to accurately calculate your utility bill we must obtain the readings from your utility meter at your home or business. Our meter reader team is responsible for visiting your property most months to check your meter. That information is then used to properly calculate your utility usage and your monthly bill.

Meter readers also must complete a final read before you move out of your residence.

Most gas and electric meters are located on the outside of your home or business which allows CFU staff to quickly check your meter.

If you have an indoor meter special accommodations are made. Sometimes we ask for your help in providing meter information. 

A typical electric or gas meter has four or five dials which are read from left to right and should be recorded in that order. Note that every other dial runs counterclockwise. Always record the lower of the two numbers on either side of the pointer. If the pointer is between 9 and 0 record 9. If between 0 and 1 record 0. 

A water meter reads like the odometer in an automobile. (More information on how to read your meter here.)

Meter reads can be submitted by calling 319-268-5280 texting a picture to 1-833-803-3222 or online at

It is important that our staff have safe and easy access to your meters. Trim back bushes flowers and plants and do not block meters.

Meter readers need access and quick access in an emergency can be critical for your safety.