No PFAS Detected in CFU Water Sources

Polyfluoroalkyl substances -- commonly referred to as PFAS or "forever chemicals" -- have surfaced in recent news related to water quality. 

CFU recently completed water quality testing and we are happy to share that no PFAS were detected in CFU water sources. 

PFAS are man-made chemicals that have been used in industry and consumer products worldwide since the 1940s. 

They have been used to make nonstick cookware, water-repellent clothing, stain-resistant fabrics and carpet, some firefighting 
foams and products that resist grease, water and oil. 

Because of their widespread use, PFAS have been found in water sources across the globe. 

CFU is committed to providing high-quality and safe water to our customers. 

We regularly perform water quality tests on our source water and throughout the distribution system to ensure we continue to surpass all federal and state water quality standards including standards related to PFAS.

For more information about CFU's water quality visit or contact Water Services at 319-268-5340.