CFU Reinvests in Infrastructure to Maintain Reliability

Cedar Falls Utilities is a public utility which means our purpose is to provide our community with reliable and affordable utility services. 

We do not maximize profits for shareholders. Revenues are reinvested in local infrastructure and technology. Much of the work to ensure your utilities continue to be safe, reliable and innovative is done during summer months when construction projects ramp up.

Electric crews recently completed work to update power lines northeast of town. Crews replaced 39 poles and 2.5 miles of power lines to increase the capacity of power coming into Cedar Falls and improve reliability. 

The Gas and Water Utility will replace infrastructure in conjunction with city street reconstruction on Main Street and streets near the Hartman Reserve Nature Center. More than 4,460 feet of water main and 1,435 feet of gas main will be replaced.

Replacing gas and water mains as the city rebuilds streets avoids the need and cost to dig up new streets to replace mains in the future.

As new homes and businesses are built across Cedar Falls, gas, water, electric and communications services are added. 

Crews will work to expand services to the Hidden Pines development and the Arbors 5th Addition among others. 

The Communications Utility continues to work on the rural broadband expansion to bring high-speed fiber optic broadband services to customers in rural Cedar Falls and the surrounding areas. 

More than 175 miles of additional fiber will be installed in underground conduit to complete the work to bring service to 880 homes.

Growing our customer base reduces operational costs per-customer and keeps rates low for all customers.