Backup Power Available for Home Phone Service

During a power outage a backup power supply is required for you to make or receive calls with your CFU phone service. 

Two battery backup options are available to add to your phone plan. Eight hours is available for $3 per month or choose 24 hours for $5 per month.

Without a battery backup you will not be able to make any calls including emergency calls to 911 while the power is out. 

If you choose to add a battery backup only the optical network terminal (ONT) will be powered by the battery. 

Home security systems wireless routers and other equipment will not run on an ONT backup battery.

To make a call during a power outage utilizing the battery backup you must have a phone handset that plugs into a phone jack only and does not have a separate power cord. If you use a cordless phone it will not function without separate backup power.

The exact battery backup duration will depend upon battery age usage and environment. 

Please follow the instructions included with your battery for proper use storage and care. 

To verify the status of your battery backup you can call the CFU Help Desk at 319-268-5221.

Request a battery backup by contacting CFU Communications Specialists at 319-268-5283. For more information about home and business phone service from CFU visit