Cedar Falls and CFU on AARP Best List

Cedar Falls was recently named a Best City to Live and Retire by AARP calling the community Midwest nice in a high-tech town.

AARP attributes the honor to many aspects including access to bike trails a main street filled with restaurants and shops the farmers market and the CFU fiber network connecting every home and business.

"CFU is honored to be a contributing factor in what makes Cedar Falls a Best City to Live and Retire" says Steve Bernard CFU General Manager.

The organization has regularly reported on best places to live but notes that since the pandemic began priorities have shifted. Residents prefer more space and close proximity to nature but need access to high speed internet.

With the launch of 10 gigabit internet service last year Cedar Falls residents have access to internet speeds that rank among the fastest in the world. CFU was even named Fastest Internet Service Provider in the United States by PCMag in 2020.

"We feel privileged that the community entrusts us to provide essential utility services including broadband internet" adds Steve. 

"Our mission is to build infrastructure and design a broadband network that is a community asset. Cedar Falls is a great place to work and live so this national recognition is fitting."