We are CFU Spotlight: Eric Bass, Communications Planner

Eric Bass is a Communications Planner at CFU. Eric and his colleagues are responsible for creating project plans for our high-speed fiber optic broadband system which provides internet TV and phone service to customers. 

As new businesses and houses are built across Cedar Falls and as technology advances the Communications Utility expands and upgrades the system.

"I like the challenges the day-to-day work brings" says Eric. "Every day is a new adventure and it is fun to work with my coworkers through the challenges and try to find solutions."

Eric started at CFU in 2010 as a temporary installer during the fiber-to-the-premise project and has worked his way up through the department.

Eric appreciates that in each role CFU employees strive to bring high-quality products and service to customers.

"I am proud to work for CFU because they care about our customers. CFU as a whole cares; the employees management everyone cares" says Eric. 

"When a customer calls in to the Help Desk they work with the customer to try to solve their problem. If they can't they know they can reach out to anybody at CFU and get an answer to help that customer. Customer service is the same way. Nobody is ever left hanging high and dry. Customers can count on us to find an answer and get it taken care of."