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MLB Team Schedules

Tap your team's name to see the schedule of 2019 regular season games that will air on CFU TV. 

Cubs Cardinals Twins Royals

Please note that game times and channels can change at the last minute due to rain-outs and other conflicts that come up during the season. We do our best to update this online schedule when changes are made. If you don't find today's game on the channel shown below, please look at your on-screen program guide to see if it's moved to a different time and/or channel.

Chicago Cubs TV Schedule       

NOTE - The chart below shows first pitch times. Tune in early to see the pregame show. 

Fans want to know...

Why is the game on ESPN blacked out?
Sometimes a game that's broadcast nationally by ESPN airs on a different channel within the team's designated home territory. Iowa is considered home territory for the Cubs, Cards, Royals, Twins, White Sox and Brewers. If those teams are blacked out on ESPN, you'll find the game on another CFU channel. For example, if the Cardinals are blacked out on ESPN, you'll find the game on Fox Sports Midwest, CFU channel 24/HD 424. 

How do I get the Fox Sports Go app? How much does it cost?
Download the app free from Google Play or the iTunes app store. Then use your CFU TV Everywhere password to unlock the app. If you have Basic Plus TV service, which includes Fox Sports Midwest, you can stream any game that's carried on Fox, Fox Sports Midwest or Fox Sports 1. Learn more about TV Everywhere.

Why are Cubs games on so many different channels?
It was a lot easier to find the Cubs in the good old days, when nearly all the games were on WGN or Comcast Chicago. Starting in 2015, the Cubs awarded new TV contracts to a wider list of networks and stations. CFU does not get to choose which channels carry the games - that is controlled by the Cubs.