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Smart Thermostat

Smart Thermostat Pilot Program

Smart thermostats benefit homeowners and the community.

Customer benefit: Control thermostat through a secure internet system
Smart thermostat customers have access to a secure internet system to adjust the temperature settings at their homes. A simple web interface allows a homeowner to program the thermostat. If a homeowner forgets to make a change before leaving home, he can log-in remotely to change the temperature at his home and save energy. 

Community benefit: Help keep utility rates low
Smart thermostats benefit the community by helping to keep utility rates low. Through a secure thermostat paging system, CFU has the ability to remotely turn customer thermostats up by a small amount when electric demand is highest on the hottest summer days. 

By reducing the amount of energy that is used during peak demand time periods, CFU can keep rates lower than they would otherwise have to be. Customers should not notice significant loss of comfort when the temperature in their home is adjusted. CFU will only change the temperature of a home by two degrees from where the customer sets the thermostat. In addition, the temperature of a home will not be adjusted on weekends or holidays.

At this time, all 500 smart thermostats have been installed in CFU customer homes, and we are no longer taking requests for thermostats. 

Links for smart thermostat customers:
Access the Customer Web Portal
View Customer Quick Reference Guide

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