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Purchase Energy

Purchase Renewable Energy

Enroll in CFU’s Harvest the Wind program to support use of wind energy in Cedar Falls. The program is voluntary and customers may start, stop or change participation levels at any time.

Harvest the Wind participants support 100-kilowatt-hour units of wind energy with a voluntary payment of $2.50 per month per unit. The voluntary payment is automatically added to participants’ electric bills, and may be stopped at any time.

Why support CFU’s use of renewable energy?

Less than 10% of CFU’s wind energy resources are currently supported by Harvest the Wind participation, so plenty of wind power is available. As a reference point, residential electric customers in Cedar Falls use approximately 800 KWH of electricity per month, on average.

To sign up, download, complete and sign the participation form and mail to:

CFU Customer Services
P.O. Box 769 
Cedar Falls, IA 50613