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Customers who want to take advantage of HVAC or duct work rebates from CFU must use a HVAC SAVE-certified contractor. In addition, HVAC rebate-eligible equipment must have a SAVE rating of Excellent.

Every home is different and buying a new heating or cooling system is a large investment. By choosing a SAVE-certified contractor, you get peace of mind that your investment is delivering the proper amount of heating or cooling where you need it.

SAVE-certified contractors have completed a statewide training and certification program. They have the knowledge to carefully analyze and evaluate your system using state-of-the-art diagnostic tools.

What you can expect out of a SAVE-certified contractor

Your contractor should always check the static pressure of your system whenever they are repairing or planning to replace your heating and cooling equipment. Static pressure is one of the key vital signs of your comfort system. This test helps your contractor identify any significant blockages or leaks.

They will also:
  • Ask if you have done any home improvements
  • Measure the air flow of your new system after it is installed
  • Measure equipment performance after it is installed
  • Show you proper maintenance techniques

Tips for buying heating & cooling equipment:

  • Always get multiple bids to ensure you are getting a fair price
  • Make sure to ask your contractor questions about your new equipment
  • Demand an HVAC SAVE certificate on your new equipment with a rating of "Excellent"

Find one of the many local SAVE-certified contractors at www.hvacsave.com.