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Energy Sources

CFU & Renewable Energy

Current Wind Energy Resources

CFU has wind resources to meet 4% of the community’s annual energy consumption. Our facilities include:

Hancock County Wind Energy Center

  • 148 turbines, each 213’ high
  • 98 megawatts of nameplate capacity
  • CFU’s interest is 6 megawatts of leased generating capacity
  • Built in 85 days in 2003 near Garner in Hancock County

Iowa Distributed Wind Generation Project

  • Built in 1998 near Algona in Kossuth County
  • Jointly owned by CFU and five other municipal utilities
  • Three turbines with 2.25 megawatts of nameplate capacity

Biomass Renewable Energy Project

Since 2004, CFU field research has established the feasibility of using various types of densified (cubed or pelletized) biomass as fuel for electric production in one of our generating units. Our proposed fuel sources are agricultural waste products such as oat hulls or corn stover, or low-input, sustainable crops such as switchgrass or multi-species prairie grass. CFU is actively seeking federal or state renewable energy incentives to make this source affordable for consumers.

Renewable energy from biomass has many advantages:

Energy production can be scheduled to meet demand. This is a reliabilitly advantage over intermittent sources such as wind or solar that cannot be scheduled.
Biomass is a carbon-neutral fuel. The carbon released when biomass is burned will be recycled in next year’s growing crop, so there is no net increase of carbon in the atmosphere.
Perennial prairie grasses sequester carbon in their root systems.