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CFU Doubles Internet Speeds

Posted on Monday, January 9, 2017

Cedar Falls Utilities (CFU) customers now have significantly faster internet connections for the same price.

The internet speeds offered on most home and business FiberNet service plans have at least doubled. FiberHome, CFU’s most popular residential plan, now delivers 100 x 50 megabits per second. Previously, FiberHome customers were receiving 50 x 25 megabits per second.

CFU Home FiberNet Service tiers
CFU Business FiberNet Service tiers

“The capacity of our all-fiber gigabit network allows us to turn up the service speeds while continuing to deliver reliable and economical service,” said CFU Chief Technology Officer Rob Houlihan. “You’ll especially notice better performance if you have multiple devices connected to your network that stream video.”

“We want customers to know how to utilize the speed we are delivering,” Houlihan noted. “For some, that may mean upgrading their wireless router. We often recommend testing the signal strength by skipping the router and connecting a device directly with a cable. A lot of the time, we learn that the customer’s router is slowing down the signal.” Actual speed is affected by many factors, including customer-owned equipment and internal home wiring. Home network optimization and wireless router buying tips are available at cfu.net/routers.

CFU’s fastest residential internet service plan will stay the same speed (1 gigabit per second x 500 megabits per second), but the price has gone down. CFU internet customers can now get world-class gigabit internet for $105 per month.


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