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Residential Rebates

CFU offers cost-sharing rebates to help residential customers install energy-efficiency equipment, make thermal envelope improvements and recycle old appliances.

Residential rebate amounts and efficiency requirements are listed below. Print full list of available rebates. Download the rebate application forms listed below for more information.  **Please note that we do not provide rebates for the purchase of new refrigerators or dishwashers.

Interested in a home energy audit? Learn about our House Calls Program.

Business owner? Learn about commercial property rebates.


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Rebates That Do Not Require

Appliance Recycling

Rebates That Require Pre-approval
or Sizing:

Heat pump water heaters
Heating & Cooling Systems & Duct Work
Thermal Envelope (Insulation)
New Construction Insulation & Air Sealing

Rebates that do not require pre-approval from CFU:

Appliances* 2014 Rebate Amount


Clothes washers  (CEE Tier 3 only) $50 for CEE Tier 3 model. View list. Download

Water heaters:
Gas tankless (no pre-approval required)
Storage tank (no pre-approval required)
Heat pump water heaters 
see pre-approval section below

Varies, see form

*CFU must provide water heating fuel source.
Call CFU Energy Services at 319-266-1761 before you buy with any questions.

Appliance Recycling* 2014 Rebate Amount**
Standard refrigerators (16 cu ft or larger)  $50
Freezers (16 cu ft or larger)  $50
Window air conditioners  $25
Dehumidifiers $25
* If you take your appliance to the City Transfer Station, remember to stop at the service desk and pay the $7.50 disposal fee. Although the City will pass your participation information to CFU on a monthly basis, in order to guarantee that you receive your recycling rebate we encourage you to provide CFU with a receipt for this payment.  You may also call City Refuse Services at 319-273-8629 to request curbside pick-up of your appliance for recycling. In that case, the disposal fee will be charged in the Refuse section of your next Utility bill. There is an additional $5 fee for pick-up.  ** Limit of 2 rebates per appliance type per account per year.


Learn how to recycle CFL bulbs

2014 Rebate Amount


Specialty CFL Bulbs*


50% of pre-tax price up to $5 (limit 10 per account/year)

*Any ENERGY STAR qualified CFL in one of these categories: dimmable or 3-way (any wattage); Higher than 30 watts; Covered CFLs (A-line, bullet, globe, reflector, candle, post); Bare-circuline or bare-twin, triple or quadruple tube 

LED Bulbs 50% of pre-tax price up to $10 each (limit 20 per account/year) Download
Fluorescent & LED fixtures 
or ceiling fan light kits
50% of cost up to $20 per fixture or kit (limit 35 per account, subject to verification) Download 
Contact CFU for more information about which type of lighting and rebate form is right for you.
*Standard bare-spiral and mini bare-spiral CFLs do not qualify for this rebate. CFU provides these bulbs through our House Calls energy audits.


Rebates that require pre-approval from CFU:

Appliances* 2014 Rebate Amount Current Form
Heat Pump water heaters $300, this type of water heater must be approved by CFU before purchase Download

*CFU must provide water heating fuel source.
Call CFU Energy Services at 319-266-1761 before you buy with any questions.

Heating & Cooling (HVAC) Systems & Duct Work
2014 Rebate Amount Current 
To be eligible for a rebate, all heating & cooling improvements must be sized by CFU and you must have a SAVE rating of excellent. CFU also requires customers to hire a HVAC SAVE-certified contractor for all HVAC or duct work improvements to ensure that your new investment is performing properly, adding comfort to your home and saving you energy. Learn more.
Find a list of local SAVE-certified contractors here.
Natural gas boiler
up to $400 (minimum 92% AFUE) Download
Natural gas furnaces Up to $400 (minimum 95% AFUE) Download 
Central air conditioners (SAVE rating must be submitted before rebate paid) Up to $500 for SEER 14.0, $600 for SEER 15.0, $700 for SEER 16.0 or higher Download
Ground-source heat pumps 
(open or closed loop) 
(minimum 16.2 EER & 3.3 COP)
Up to $300/ton of new ground loop+
Up to $300/ton of heating capacity installed

Air-source heat pumps*
(2-stage units only)
(minimum 15 SEER & 8.5 HSPF)

Up to $600 - $700 Download
Ductless mini split systems* Up to $200 - $300 Download
Duct work modifications*
Up to $1200, see form for details Download
Plenum & return drops* See form for details Download
*CFU preapproval required.
To take advantage of the incentives listed below for heating/cooling equipment and thermal envelope improvements, call (319) 266-1761 or email

Thermal Envelope Improvements
2014 Rebate Amount Current Forms

You must use a professional contractor and you must receive pre-approval from CFU for thermal envelope improvements (exceptions noted below). CFU will pay incentives on residential attic insulation provided that the existing insulation level is less than R-30. Homes with R-30 or higher insulation levels will see little return on the investment in additional attic insulation. Rebates applications may be submitted for projects that increase the attic insulation up to a maximum of R-49.

You can use any licensed contractor to qualify for CFU's air sealing and insulation incentives. This list of contractors have provided proof of insurance and certification to CFU.

Attic & Ceiling Insulation 60% of contracted labor, equipment & materials up to $1,000 Download
Sidewall Insulation 60% of contracted labor, equipment & materials up to $1,000 Download
Foundation Insulation 60% of contracted labor, equipment & materials up to $1,000 Download
Duct Insulation
60% of contracted labor, equipment & materials up to $1,000 Download
Rim/Band Joist Insulation
(do not need pre-approval from CFU)
60% of contracted labor, equipment and materials up to $480 Download
Air Sealing/Caulking/Weather Stripping (do not need pre-approval from CFU) 60% of contracted labor equipment & materials up to $200 Download
Exterior Doors (do not need pre-approval or professional installation)
$75 for doors with U-factor of 0.10 or less; $25 for doors with U-factor of 0.11-0.20. Download

Please carefully review the application form to learn what insulation improvements qualify for rebates. NOTE: CFU’s lifetime rebate limits per address are 60% up to $1,000 ($200 for customers with propane heat) for each of three separate categories: attic, sidewall, and foundation. Once CFU has rebated $1,000 in any of these categories (or $200 in air sealing/caulking/weather-stripping costs), all additional requests for reimbursement in that category will be denied.

New Construction Insulation & Air Sealing 2014 Rebate Amount Current Form

Insulation and Air Sealing for New Construction, New Additions & Extensive Renovations

New in 2014: This program replaces the 5-Star Home Program

Varies, view form Download