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Free Email Offered for Broadband Service Subscribers


Effective May 21, 2015

Free Email Offered for Broadband Subscribers

Optional free email accounts are available with any CFU FiberNet service plan. Call the Help Desk to add a new email address at any time. Webmail features:

  • Access your email from anywhere using a computer, smart phone or tablet
  • Huge storage capacity of 15 GB per account
  • User friendly interface
  • Up to six free email addresses per FiberNet account are available by request

To check your email, open a web browser and go to You'll see the login page pictured at right. Enter your email address and password to open your mailbox.


What if you move out of town? If you disconnect FiberNet service, your email address will be disabled after 30 days. This grace period gives customers time to let contacts know that their email address is changing.

More Webmail Information

Webmail interface user guide

How to set up a phone or tablet for CFU email

You will need your email address and password. Follow these instructions: Android devices  Apple devices

How to set up email software

Text Instructions for setting up common email software:
Outlook 2007 | Outlook 2010 | Mac Mail | Thunderbird | Windows Live Mail | Windows 8 Mail App

Video Instructions for setting up common email software:
Outlook 2007 | Outlook 2010 | Mac Mail

IMAP vs POP mail information