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Record and play programs from a shared DVR library throughout your home

What is a multi-room DVR?
It's a set of two or more HD set-top boxes that talk to each other. With a Multi-Room DVR system you can watch, record, control and delete programs on your Digital Video Recorder (DVR) from any room in your home. You can also use the bookmarking feature to resume watching a program in another room from the point where you left off.
How does it work?    download illustrated instructions
  • In one room, a central HD DVR records and stores programs.
  • In one or more other rooms, "client" HD set-top boxes are able to schedule and play recordings from the central DVR. The boxes are linked through existing cable outlets.
  • A bookmarking feature lets you start watching a live or recorded program in one room and resume it in another room from the place you left off!
  • Family members can watch different live programs or recordings in different rooms at the same time.
  • Another option is to include more than one DVR in your multi-room system. For example, you might choose to have DVRs in two rooms and client boxes in two other rooms. The client boxes can access recordings from either DVR.

Which is better -- separate DVRs in every room, or a multi-room system?  Here are the pros and cons:

  • With multiple DVRs, you will have more total recording capacity, and you'll be able to pause, resume and rewind LIVE programs on any TV hooked to a DVR. The disadvantage is that you'll have to watch a recording in the room where you recorded it, since the separate DVRs can only access recordings stored on their own hard drives. Also, if you are renting more than two DVRs, a multi-room system using one DVR plus client boxes would save you money -- see pricing below.
  • With a multi-room system, you are free to move about the house! The system enables you to schedule and play recordings in a single library accessible from every box in your home. You'll be able to start watching a live program or a recording in one room and resume it in any other room with a set-top box that's part of your multi-room system. The disadvantages are that you will not have as much total recording capacity as you would with separate DVRs, and you'll be able to pause, resume and rewind LIVE programs only on TVs hooked to a DVR. 
DVR and Multi-Room System Price Comparisons
Rooms Separate DVRs Multi-room system - 1 DVR+client boxes
1 $17.00 NA
2 $29.50 $29.50
3 $42.00 $37.00
4 $54.50 $44.50
Itemized Pricing for DVRs and HD set-top boxes
HD Access Fee $4.50/month/account
DVR Rental $12.50/month/box
HD Box Rental $7.50/month/box
Multi-Room Service Fee $5.00/month/account for multi-room system only